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Research & Development

Perseus Proteomic's Technology

1 Transcriptome Database Target Identification

One of the critical aspects in antibody-based drug discovery is to efficiently and effectively narrow the range of therapeutic target molecules. Perseus Proteomics identifies potential target molecules based on information obtained from the world-class LSBM transcriptome database, developed by Professor Hiroyuki Aburatani at the University of Tokyo.

Currently, based on the identification of over one thousand potential drug targets, high affinity and high specificity monoclonal antibodies against these target molecules are in various stages of development. These antibodies are applicable to the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

2 Functional Protein Expression Technology(BV [Budded Baculovirus] Expression Technique)

To raise antibodies with high affinity and specificity for use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications, it is often crucial to express target molecules in their native structural conformation. Perseus Proteomics holds an exclusive license to BV-expression technology, which was developed by Professor Takao Hamakubo at the University of Tokyo. Using the BV expression technique, large amounts of target protein can be displayed in their native structure on the surface of Budded Baculoviruses, and are directly available as antigen. Membrane proteins with a complex structure, that were previously difficult to raise high affinity antibodies against, are now possible with our BV-expression technology.

3 Evading Immune Tolerance

There are many cases in which target proteins are well conserved across all animal species, and to which generating functional antibodies against are difficult due to mouse immunotolerance against the desired target. To overcome this problem Perseus Proteomics has developed, in collaboration with LSBM, a variety of techniques to overcome immunotolerance to the target antigen, while simultaneously manipulating the immune response to produce monoclonal antibodies exhibiting high functionality.

4 Unsurpassed Expertise

Perseus Proteomics has an exceptional Research & Development division, consisting of MD clinicians, Ph.D. researchers and well-trained technicians with over 20 years of experience in monoclonal antibody development. We have specialists in each of the fields of target identification, target preparation, immunization and antibody characterization. Through our highly intelligent and dedicated R&D staff leading the advanced target identification and antibody development techniques licensed from the University of Tokyo, we are able to produce highly functional diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies at a level unsurpassed by previous technologies.

Antibody Therapies

We develop monoclonal antibody therapies for the treatment of cancer. We focus on developing antibodies that specifically target cancer cells and activate the body’s immune system to destroy these tumor cells without toxic effects to healthy normal cells. Such antibodies are mass manufactured through the use of genetic engineering technology and prepared for administration to patients as cancer therapeutics.
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Diagnostic Agents

We develop extracorporeal diagnostic agents to quantify trace molecular biomarkers expressed by tumor cells or disease cells in the blood. These diagnostics will allow doctors to assess a patients’ likelihood of responding to a given therapy or monitor the progression of a patients’ disease state, thereby facilitating a more precise and effective choice from the available therapeutic options. We look at disease as a process from preservation through diagnostication, prognosis, and treatment rather than a state, and we will realize such “Theranostics”, as a new approach to disease management.

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Nuclear - Hormone - Receptor - related Drug Discovery

We are trying a new approach to drug discovery for lifestyle diseases, such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes. By taking advantage of our exclusive nuclear hormone receptor (NHR) antibodies, we are establishing screening systems to discover lead compounds with minimal side effects capable of modulating NHR activity.
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We sell high quality antibodies to all 48 nuclear hormone receptors as reagents worldwide.
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